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Coastal Estate Staffing, Orange County’s finest domestic staffing agency, offers you the most qualified candidates for your specific staffing needs by looking beyond the resume.

By completing our Client Inquiry Form, we’ll learn your specific staffing needs, your precise requirements, and your home’s service style. After searching our vast candidate database, we’ll interview qualified candidates who meet your requirements.

We conduct a thorough screening process to hand-select the best candidates. Knowing our candidates before placing them in your home is important to Coastal Estate Staffing.

Our candidates have hands-on experience, are intelligent, stable, proactive, have a strong work ethic and long-term career goals. To provide you with the right match, we conduct a thorough screening process.

At Coastal Estate Staffing, we:

  • Require a resume, cover letter and letters of recommendation
  • Require completion of detailed application
  • Conduct candidate interviews to clarify skill sets, work experience, personal background, personality types and work preferences
  • Contact references